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At MTM Sales dot Com we are pleased to present the series of "Non Toxic Building Products" themed websites that promote and are anchored by such companies which we believe to be outstanding in terms of achieving our above stated concern.  Much like a talent scout (talent agent / talent agency) we promote and network you to these manufacturers and retailers directly.  It fits perfectly with our mission to propagate non toxic thinking.

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We are honoured that the following companies have sponsored the Non Toxic Building Products collection of one page websites.  Four amazing companies that we are pleased to network you with.


AFMSafecoat: Truly less toxic caulking


CBR Products: A trusted manufacturer, distributor and retailer of less toxic sustainable coatings for wood, concrete, masonry and concrete.


Eco Building Resource: Srving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada and the world.
Safe Living Technologies is a leading EMR Mitigation Specialist within North America.

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Non Toxic Building 




Stains, Finishes & Oils







For us without out a doubt as with all their other non toxic building products AFM Safecoat manufactures and distributes a great non toxic / less toxic caulking compound.


The Public must demand healthy homes and living environments:  we have the non toxic materials AND we have the Technology.


To test the product - put a bead of caulk on a small piece of substrate and seal it in a glass container for 12 hours - then check your reaction to any chemical adversity when you open the container.

Buy AFM SafeCoat® Caulking
Doctor recommended for those with Chemical Sensitivities
formaldehyde-free   +   Very Low VOC 

  • Safecoat ® Caulking Compound is a not-toxic, water-based, elastic emulsion type caulking compound designed to replace oil caulk and putty for windows, cracks and general maintenance work.
  • It will not dry out or crack and does not release any solvents or obnoxious odors.
  • Provides a water resistant, flexible, easy to install, non sag sealant with excellent initial and permanent adhesion.
  • As a ready-to-use, pigmented elastomer, Safecoat ® Caulking Compound has thixotropic properties which enable the application to be made with ease with no stringiness and yet maintains flexibility and toughness with rapid drying characteristics.
  • It may be applied to a variety of substrates and has high durability. Resin rich formula affords maximum bond strength.

AFM Caulking: Also available in tubes to fit a caulking gun.

Manufacturer's Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Usage Information

Available in the following sizes

Available in 10.5 oz. tubes

.96 Litre

3.78 Litres

18.9 Litres

1 US Quart

1 US Gallon

5 US Gallon


We can network you with the full selection of non toxic building products for you to orderPurchases can be delivered to you in about seven to ten days and in some instances, depending upon your location and quantities we can get them to you by the next day.

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Healthy Builder uses non toxic building products



Security Solutions Unlimited: Certified Locksmith and Security Specialist.



Security Solutions Unlimited: Certified Locksmith and Security Specialist.

A wine storage facility that is totally non toxic to fine wines. 



Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay Luxury Cottage Estate For Sale.

Luxury Cottage For Sale



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Bee23 Beauty Rewritten: Natural skin care products by Bee 23 Beauty Products. Visit the Queen Bee's Blog by clicking on this image.

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